Bugeaud, Thomas-Robert, marquis de la Piconnerie, duke d'Isly

Bugeaud, Thomas-Robert, marquis de la Piconnerie, duke d'Isly
   military figure
   Thomas-Robert Bugeaud, who was born in Limoges, after distinguishing himself as a young officer in the wars of the Empire, notably in spain, went over to the Bourbons (1814), then to napoleon i during the hundred days, during the course of which he repelled the Austrians in Savoy. Named field marshal at the beginning of the July Monarchy and elected deputy in 1831, he was charged with guarding the duchess of Berry in 1832, and with suppressing the uprising of April 1834, which made him very unpopular. Sent for the first time to Algeria in 1836, where he won the victory at sikkah (July), he at first opposed this occupation, which he deemed too costly for France. In 1837, he signed with the Emir Abd el-Kader the Treaty of Tafna. This having been broken, Bugeaud, named governor-general of Algeria (1840), then declared a fierce war, employing scorched-earth tactics, and organized the conquest of the country. Promoted to marshal in 1843, and made duke d'Isly after his victory over the Moroccans on the banks of the isly (1844), he tried to establish an indirect form of government there (indigenous leaders would take orders from the French through the Office for Arab Affairs). But lacking support from the French government, he resigned and was replaced by the duke d'AUMALE. Bugeaud returned to France, where he died of cholera.

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